Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Welcome to My Author's Blog

This is my personal blog where I will be posting just anything that comes to mind.

I already have several blogs, all on Google's Blogspot:, where both me and my character developer post news items of interest to us. If there is a tie-in to the Suki series, we note that at the end of the post. Much of it is current events., where I am the only poster and it is Suki Series specific. I try to post items that tie the current world to the 2030s world I write about in my books. Currently I am posting pictures and videos of locations from the books. Video is also posted on my YouTube channel. Stills are on my Panoramio account. is a blog I have posting privileges on, but I do not own that one. My character developer does. It contains mostly tech information. She wrote a fan-fiction story, Suki: Settling the Score, that has quite a few devices and methods that I adopted for both Suki With A Twist: Part One and in the outline for Suki VI. is a humorous blog that came about in an odd way.  I was getting strange traffic in January 2010, from the sidebar on the blog: "This blog exists because of some funny/strange traffic on another blog. This one is mostly satire. Go check out some tech, news, fun stuff, or go buy some books."

That strange traffic was on the Suki Project blog and, although I didn't mention it in the comments there, it looked to me like someone was trying to tell someone else through a bad phone connection the URL of the blog. Perhaps one of the people is not a native English speaker. Haven't seen much oddness since then.

Again, welcom to my Author's Blog and I hope enjoy your visit.

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