Monday, January 10, 2011

"Nancy and the Boss" Now Available at FemdomCave.Com

Interested in a free peek? BDSMLibrary.Com has the beginning of Nancy and the Boss up for online browsing or download.

Cover image Nancy and the Boss
All of Nancy and the Boss Part 1 is available for sale at FemdomCave.Com.
Price: £1.50
USD $2.32

Married to the increasingly servile Edward, Sarah’s life is about to undergo a dramatic turnabout; both at home and in the workplace.

Having aroused both the interest and the lust of Nancy, her new Personal Assistant, Sarah finds both herself and Edward at the mercy of the older woman and her equally deviant husband, Joe. Armed with knowledge that could damage Sarah, both in the workplace and domestically, Nancy uses her power to take control of her “Boss” for her own ends. 

"Nancy and the Boss" Now Available at FemdomCave.Com 

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