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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Proud to Report New Sales

First Amazon Kindle sales of Controlling Sarah Chapters 1-10 and Controlling Sarah Chapters 11-13 today.  Sales rank is not showing as I write.

New Book Projects

Controlling Sarah (Controlling Sarah: Chapters 1-10)
New price $0.99 soon.

I created a new blog for the new projects, Controlling Sarah, see the latest post on the column at the left.

Right now, the first 11 chapters of Controlling Sarah (not safe for work) are available free on BDSMlibrary.Com (still the #1 read for December, 2010) and has been submitted to Literotica.Com.  I recommend both sites if you are into well written erotica, even if you do not like my writing.  For those who find objection to those sites, Controlling Sarah: Chapters 1-10 (reduced to $0.99) is available for Kindle, as well as Controlling Sarah: Chapters 11-13 ($2.99). I strongly urge readers to go to the free sites and see if you like the beginning.  A summary by chapter is available on that project's blog too.

This may sound quirky, but it is my version of fair.  As a price placeholder for Controlling Sarah, I set it at $9.99 to discourage people from reading a pay version and go to the free version.  In hindsight, that sounded stupid, so the new price is $0.99.  For some reason, Amazon would not give me the option of publishing chapters 1-10 free, the minimum price it would allow me was $0.99 and I priced it there because it is free on other sites and the Kindle version received better editing, at least that is my new logic behind it.  New chapters will be published around $1.00 per chapter in files of three to five chapters.  I am currently working on a prequel that may go straight to Kindle, to Femdom Cave, or both.  Now at about the 15,000 word mark on the prequel.

From that project, I sent the first ten chapters to FemDomCave.Com, since my villain in the story is a dominant woman it, seemed like a good fit.  To my surprise, I was assigned and editor who liked the story, but it was not the right kind of story for their audience. My mind got to work, chapter 13 was not yet published at the time, so I took that, with chapter one, and created a new 7,000 word three chapter beginning of a new story, Nancy and the Boss, the original working title of what became Controlling Sarah.  The readership of Femdom Cave prefer that the submissives not submit too easily and in the original story, both Ed and Sarah Kneeler are very submissive already and a naturally dominant couple takes over their lives. So, if you are looking for a lighter version of female domination, the original is the one for you.  If you are looking for something rougher and meaner, stay tuned for the release of Nancy and the Boss.

Right now, the editor is looking over the beginning and, hopefully, will get back to me about some expositional and setup problems he noticed.  I noticed several things that I thought needed changing too.  Everything sounds promising.  Nancy and the Boss will be a much different series, even though the beginning shares some elements with Controlling Sarah, like the same main characters and locations.  It should be viewed in the same light as an alternative history, or alternate reality story if one wants to get that deep into an analysis.
Controlling Sarah: Chapters 11-13
Only $2.99!