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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Video Frustration

The guaranteed way to calm down the workweek population of Crystal City is to have my camera in hand, with a fully charged battery and an empty 8 GB SDHD card installed.

Yesterday was a great day to record. The great part began right after I ran the battery dead in my camera. Film makers could not have scripted and directed the acts of stupidity that I saw in just one traffic light cycle  on the 2200 block of Crystal Drive in Arlington, VA. A couple decided to cross in the middle of the block, half way between two crosswalks.  From their cue, small throngs of people began crossing every which way, including in the marked crosswalk.  All of this while the traffic light was green and there was traffic coming from both directions, to include a Pentagon shuttle bus.

Today I have a full battery. I wanted to post a picture of the usual long lines of people at the taco cart on 23rd & Crystal drive. Of course, they weren't there today. I made my way to my usual lunch place, readied my camera to start recording a replay of what happened yesterday. Nothing. Everybody was operating with the utmost courtasy, which is a good thing, but not good for a blog.  When I went outside for a smoke the occasional jay-walker shot right past me and was gone before I could get them on camera.

A friend, Kourtney "Coach!" Young, sent some stills he took last year of "Crystal City Under Siege". They were taken during a demonstration against KBR around March, 2009. He has some video too, working up a story for that I plan to use it in.

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